Rechtsanwälte Achour & Partner


Below we want to give you an overview of our consulting fees.

The type of fee applicable for a specific legal problem depends on the respective case. Should you have any questions concerning the fees that arise in a concrete case of legal assistance, we gladly answer all questions by e-mail or phone.

Initial consultation

Pursuant to the German Lawyers' Fees Act (RVG), the fees for an initial consultation may not exceed 226.10 EUR. Based on previous experience we can say that we can stay short of this amount in most of the cases.

Out-of-court consultation and/or representation

We usually bill based on the provisions of RVG, but in individual cases apply an hourly or flat fee - particularly for mandates of permanant consultation.

Representation in court

In cases of representation in court we bill solely according to RVG. This Act is statutory for all lawyers in cases of litigation before court. They cannot estimate lower fees.

Legal protection insurances

Should a legal protection insurance be available, we offer to inquire about your cover note and bill direcly with your insurance company - provided that the insurance company steps in.